Policies and Proceedures

General Information.

Visitors to the Tandy Archaeological Museum are not permitted to take any food or drink into the Study Room. To ensure the safety of the objects, bottles of ink, correcting fluid and other potentially damaging substances may not be brought into the Study Room. Smoking is not permitted. Visitors are requested to wash their hands before arriving at the Study Room. If this has been neglected they will be asked to do so before sitting down at the tables. Lavatories are located on the lower ground floor near the Entrance.

Consulting the Works.

The marking of any object or the removal of any object or reference book from the Study Room is strictly forbidden. The museum curator will have the works you have requested at the time of appointment ready for you when you arrive. Please remember that you will be handling fragile artifacts and that these should be treated with the utmost care. The surface of objects must never be touch without wearing proper gloves. In the event that an object must be handled, gloves will be provided by the museum curator. The correct handling procedure will be demonstrated to you on your first visit. If you are handling mounted material always handle objects by the edge of the mount and always keep the object facing upwards. Please do not open the mounts without the permission of the museum curator. The museum curator will explain how the objects and archives are stored. Roberts Library also contains further archival material related to the Tandy’s collections, but these materials should be ordered at least one day in advance.


Access to the collections is provided on the understanding that researchers respect the Tandy Archaeological Museum’s ownership and its consequent rights to publication and reproduction. Applications to publish or reproduce material from the collections must be addressed in writing to the Director of the Museum, giving full details of the material to be reproduced and the publication in which it is to appear. The museum curator will be pleased to try to answer further questions regarding copyright. In cases in which it is not vested in the Tandy Archaeological Museum, the museum disclaims responsibility for infringement.


Photographic copies of curatorial items must be requested in writing and submitted with a completed Application Form. This form may be downloaded below. Upon completion, please email this form to mbarbosa@swbts.edu. Alternatively, forms may be posted to:

Tandy Archaeological Museum, Roberts Library, Box 22490, Fort Worth, TX 76122.

The museum can provide details of the full range of photographic services available in the Tandy Archaeological Museum. Researchers are not permitted to take their own photographs.


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