Exhibits and Events

Current Exhibits and Events


TANDY ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: Ceramics of the Land of the Bible

This exhibit epitomizes the Tandy's mission of research, academics, and outreach through its wide-ranging and comprehensive display of ceramics from the land of the Bible, dating from the Early Bronze Age and moving all the way through the Byzantine Period. The Tandy's collection provides a valuable resource for scholars and students, and some prime examples are on display in the museum for the enjoyment and education of the community.


A walk through the exhibit will take the visitor on a walk through time, observing the evolution of pottery in the land of the Bible. At the center of the exhibit is our Timnah Collection, highlighting both the Canaanite period of the Late Bronze Age and the Israelite period of the Iron Age with a variety of pottery and special finds. Supplementing our ceramics collection, the exhibit has a number of other artifacts on display such as coins, seals, cuneiform tablets, and more.

Curated by Marcella Barbosa, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: Tandy Archaeological Museum, Roberts Library 1st Floor.

Duration: This is a semi-permanent exhibition.

PHILLIPS LIBRARY: Ancient Texts and Early Manuscripts

This exhibit displays cuneiform tablets from both of the Tandy's Carlson Cuneiform Collection and the Best Cuneiform Collection. Some of these artifacts date to the ancient Ur III kingdom (c. 2000 BC). Also on display are memorabilia pertaining to research on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Dead Sea Scroll facsimiles, including the famous Isaiah scroll. 


Curated by Heather Reichstadt, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: Phillips Library, MacGorman Chapel Performing Arts Center.

Duration: This is a semi-permanent exhibition.




Past Exhibits and Events

LIGHT UNTO MY FEET: Oil Lamps from Across the Ancient Near East.

The assemblage of oil lamps in this display present nearly four thousand years of technological and artistic evolution in the regions encompassing Egypt, Syrio-Palestine and Jordan. From the rudimentary terracotta prototypes of the Early Bronze Age, to an elegant metal hanging lamp of the Byzantine Period, these objects demonstrate a shift from a purely functional concentration to one of a more artistic consideration through delicate forms and craftsmanship.


Curated by Heather Reichstadt, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: The Entry Hall to Webb Roberts Library, 1st Floor.

Duration: This is a semi-permanent exhibition, that ended in August of 2018.



Esepcially for the SBTC conference, which this year chose SWBTS for its location, the Tandy Archaeological Museum opened the Phillips Library. This library permanently holds memorabilia from the scholars who first studied the Dead Sea Scrolls after they were discovered, precious facsimiles of some of the first scrolls found, and an original stylus from Qumran. In addition to these wonderful objects, the Tandy Archaeological Museum also displayed all eight of the Dead Sea Scroll fragments owned by SWBTS, a special treat for those attending the conference. The Baxley Archaeological Park, which contains a simulated portion of the site of Qumran, was also open to the public in the afternoons.

Curated by Dr. Steve Ortiz and Marcella Barbosa, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: Phillips Library, MacGorman Performing Arts Center, SWBTS.

Duration: November 9th-11th, 2014.



For their annual women's conference, The Hills Church of Christ invited the Tandy Archaeological Museum to be their main attraction for their inter-session periods. As the conference's focus was on the book of Habakkuk, this exhibit featured artifacts from the late Iron Age, including pieces from an Israelite household, a Persian drinking vessel, and a brick inscribed in the name of Nebuchadnezzar II. Supplementing these artifacts, cuneiform tablets and aesthetic objects from a number of periods and locations were also on display. Docents were available to guide guests through the exhibit and answer questions.


Curated by Marcella Barbosa, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: The Hills Church of Christ, North Richland Hills Campus.

Duration: October 10th-11th, 2014.


The material presented in this exhibit is the result of over a decade's work by co-dig directors Amihai Mazar (Israeli Archaeologist) and George Kelm (Professor of Biblical Archaeology at SWBTS). Located in the Sorek Valley, in the heart of the foot hills leading to Jerusalem, Timnah was at a crossroad for many cultures in antiquity. The majority of objects on display focus on the 7th and 8th Centuries BC when the city served as a major Israelite settlement. Among some of the more notable finds were a LMLK seal as well as a a rare votive bull, believed to have been utilized in acts of ritual. Settlement remains were also found dating to the Chalcolithic and Canaanite-periods. Learn more...


Curated by Prof. George Kelm, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: The Tandy's Main Room, Webb Roberts Library, 1st Floor.

Duration: 1983 - Spring, 2014


WRITTEN IN CLAY: Ancient Texts, Modern Messages.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) is fortunate to be the proud owner of one of the most comprehensive collections of ancient Semitic documents in the state of Texas, thanks to an honorable donation by Dr. Leslie Carlson, the seminary’s professor of Old Testament and Biblical Archaeology from 1921 to 1964, who is responsible for their compilation and transference of ownership following his professorship in 1965. With whole tablets and inscribed fragments totaling nearly 100 in number, the Carlson Cuneiform Collection provides a vast body of documents. Most of these documents are either ritualistic or administrative in content and represent a milieu of stylistic variation in paleography and language ranging from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the 1st millennium B.C. Learn more...


Curated by Heather Reichstadt, Tandy Archaeological Museum, SWBTS.

Location: The Entry Hall of the Truett Auditorium, Southwestern Seminary.

Duration: June 5, 2009 - January 7 2010.