Conservation at the Tandy

The conservation lab primarily serves in the maintenance and preservation of collections at the Tandy Museum as well as artifacts used by faculty in the Seminar Room. It was originally located in the Tandy Archaeology Lab in the basement of the Fleming wing. Today, under the direction of Dr. Steven Ortiz, it is located in the back room of the Tandy Museum. In addition to preservation work, the laboratory also assists in curation and maintenance of exhibits, and loaned artifacts at the Tandy Museum. Students in the graduate program of Archaeology and Biblical studies also do internships in the lab. While not part of tours of the Tandy Museum, tours of ongoing projects are usually available with forewarning.


Consultation Services.

In addition to the preservation work conducted for SWBTS collections, consultation services are available to other institutions and individuals across the United States. Past projects have included collection evaluations for risk assessment and museum planning, research and appraisal for insurance purposes, object consolidation and mounting for display, as well as conservation and restoration of a variety of items. 

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