Tandy Archaeological Museum

Open to the public, our museum produces regular exhibits, lectures and self-teaching displays which highlight the various cultures that existed throughout the Near East in antiquity. The museum has 19 collections with over 4,000 objects. Our collections are comprised primarily of archaeological objects as well as some ethnographic material. The Tandy offers a comprehensive study collection of pottery representing numerous typologies within each major period in the Ancient Near East.

Our collections also include epigraphic materials from Qumran, coins from the Hellenistic to the Crusader Periods, seals and amulets from Egypt and Mesopotamia, clay tablets from Ur of the Chaldeans, rare Coptic textiles and much more. We invite you to browse our collections and direct any inquiries to our trained staff of archaeologists and cultural historians. Tours are available by appointment.

The Tandy Archaeological Museum consists of three major components located on the campus of Southwestern:

Tandy Archaeological Museum

This is the major museum and is currently located on the first floor of the A. Webb Roberts Library. It is open Monday through Friday concurrent with the hours of the Roberts Library. The museum features three galleries: an Old Testament Gallery, a New Testament Gallery, and a third gallery to showcase special collections.

In conjunction with the museum, there is a seminar room and conservation laboratory located adjacent to the main floor. The seminar room is available for students in the archaeology graduate programs and is used for lectures and seminars. It currently utilizes multiple collections, including a study collection of more than 2,000 sherds. The consesrvation laboratory serves as a studio environment where objects are examined and treated for conservation and preservation purposes. Projects range from photographic documentation and research of new acquisitions to in-depth physical stabilization procedures for fragile objects.


Baxley Archaeological Park

Located on Gordon Ave, just across the street from the parking lot behind the MacGorman Chapel, this is an outside, hands-on museum. It features a scale model of Qumran, a simulated dig site, and a bedouin tent. 

The model of Qumran is built ninety percent to scale and is intended to introduce visitors to what life was like 2,000 years ago in this semi-desert area near the Dead Sea. Here, you can see the remains of the Scriptorium, a meeting hall, and ritual baths.

The simulated dig site is located within the model of Qumran, where a small portion has been sectioned off to allow visitors to excavate. Excavation tools are provided along with the guidance of seasoned archaeology students.


Phillips Library

Named in honor of Ira Leeta Phillips, the Phillips Library is located on the first floor of the MacGorman Chapel. This is a special library which houses the Southwestern Dead Sea Scrolls Collection, including  a rare first-century stylus from Qumran, precious facsimiles of some of the first scrolls found, and eight original fragments. Also on display are cuneiform tablets from the Tandy Museum. This library provides a secure, climate-controlled environment for these rare treasures to be preserved and dsiplayed. The library is only open on special occasions, though it is also available by appointment.


For more information, contact Marcella Barbosa, Collections Manager at 817-923-1921 ext. 4600 or mbarbosa@swbts.edu.