Burna Excavation Project

The site of Tel Burna is located in the Shephelah region, in a fertile area that became known as the breadbasket of the south. The tel itself is notable still today for its flat-topped shape, extensive size, and fortifications that are still visible. Due to these and other factors, some scholars suggest that Tel Burna is the best candidate for biblical Libnah, a town that played a role in the Late Bronze Age and was a border town between the kingdoms of Judah and Philistia in the Iron Age.

The Burna Excavation Project is a long-term research project sponsored by The Institute of Archaeology at Ariel University. The project has been in the field since 2009 and is directed by Dr. Itzhaq Shai, along with the support of other academic institutions like the Tandy Institute for Archaeology, which joined the project in 2018. In addition to uncovering the settlement history of the site, the project's long-term goals include the study of ancient borders and collecting survey data of the site and surrounding area pertaining to agriculture and other human activity.

For more information, please visit the project's official site at telburna.wordpress.com